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Car detailing

Keeping a vehicle in mint condition requires a mastery of the inside and outside of the car. It’s not enough to have a base understanding. A proper detailing requires commitment to fully understanding your vehicle. My name is Chris Walker and I have spent years restoring classic vehicles and salvaging the past.

Born in the windy city, my father would take me to the racetracks every Saturday. We never missed a race or the demolition derby. We were fanatics for cars. I turned that into my career when I started working at a nearby auto shop. Eventually I became the manager of the shop and started bringing in clients with old school classics. The first vehicle I ever fully restored was a 1970 Chevrolet Camaro. It’s ruby red and midnight black stripes still sit with me. Seeing that car drive off my lot was the moment I knew I’d be restoring vehicles for the rest of my life.

A few years back I moved to Elm Grove, Wisconsin where I provide lessons on the ins and outs of driving sports cars and handle refurbishments. In this blog I’m going to provide my keen insights on both. From replacing leather interiors to the best polishing strategy to the right tires for every terrain, we’re going to cover the basics, the foundational elements, and so much more. A driver is truly connected to their vehicle when they know how it was built. Through my blogs, you’ll gain an understanding of the car on a deeper level.

New blogs will be posted regularly, but if you have a question feel free to jump over to the contact page to ask me directly. I’m always here for any questions related to refurbishing or driving cars. In addition, that question just may show up in one of my blogs. Look out for new content all the time and keep investing in your car’s future.


Chris Walker

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