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  • The Ultimate Guide to Car Detailing: All You Need to Know

    To ensure long-term value, a car should be detailed every four to six months. Most people choose to have their car washed instead of detailed. This can lead to interior fading and gunk buildup that leaves a car showing its true age. Detailing a car takes more time and specificity. From cleaning the carpets, seats, […]

  • Car Paint Protection: Everything You Need to Know About It 

    Does your new car appear as if it is an old box which has wheels and is 10 years old? Are you worried that your attractive new automotive will lose its attractiveness as time progresses? A car is definitely a good investment which requires you to spend some considerable amount upfront and also requires very […]

  • Protecting sun damage to car paint: what you need to know

    How does your skin feel when exposed to the scorching effect of the sun? The way you might have a sun burn or any other effect is the same way your car’s paint is affected. Continue reading to find out the best way of protecting your car paint from the effect of the sun. How […]